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Website J. Safra Sarasin Holding:
Terms of Use

By accessing this website, the pages contained on it, and the products, services, information, tools and material contained or described herein (the "Site"), you acknowledge your agreement with and understanding of the below terms of use, including the waiver of warranty and liability.
This Site is not directed at, or intended for distribution to or use by, any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of or located in any jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to applicable law or regulation or which would subject J. Safra Sarasin to any registration or licensing requirement within such jurisdiction.
If you do not agree to these Terms of Use, you must not proceed to further web pages of the Site or of any website of direct or indirect subsidiaries of J. Safra Sarasin Holding Ltd.
These Terms of Use as well as the information and materials contained in the Site are subject to change without notice at any time.
Ownership of Site, Trademarks and Copyrights
All contents (including all elements contained in them) available on the Site, except where otherwise noted, is under copyright to J. Safra Sarasin Holding Ltd and/or its direct or indirect domestic and foreign subsidiaries ("J. Safra Sarasin" or "we"). J. Safra Sarasin or the applicable third party owner reserves all rights, title and interest (including copyrights, trademarks, patents, as well as any other intellectual property or other right) in all information and content (including all text, data, graphics and logos) on the Site. J. Safra Sarasin will enforce such rights to the full extent of applicable law.
Nothing on the Site shall be construed as granting any license or right to use any image, trademark, service mark or logo. Downloading, copying or printing individual pages and/or parts of the Site is allowed for personal use only, and will not transfer title to any software or contents on the Site to you. Explicit attribution to J. Safra Sarasin and all applicable copyright or other proprietary notices must be made in the event that the material, or any part thereof, is reproduced in any form, written or electronic. Furthermore, any reproduction, re-publication or distribution or modification, transmission, distribution etc. of this material requires the express consent of J. Safra Sarasin.
Restrictions on Offer and Solicitation and Distribution
Nothing on this Site shall constitute an offer or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any products or services, including but not limited to any securities, financial instruments or other investments or investment advice. The information in the Site is descriptive of J. Safra Sarasin as a whole and the services, securities and financial instruments described may not be suitable for you or available in the jurisdiction in which you are located, or may only be available through a branch or an affiliate of J. Safra Sarasin that is properly licensed to offer such services, securities or financial instruments in such jurisdiction.
J. Safra Sarasin will not treat users of this Site as its clients by virtue of them accessing it. Users of this site should seek the advice of their independent financial adviser prior to taking any investment decision on the basis of any information contained herein and no information herein constitutes general or specific investment, legal, tax or accounting advice of any kind.
The information contained on this Site may relate to the products and services of a person or entity that is located in a jurisdiction other than that in which you are located. Accordingly the rules for the protection of private customers that apply in the jurisdiction in which you are located may not apply in relation to such products and services.
Disclaimers and Cautionary Statement Regarding Forward-Looking Information
All opinions and estimates expressed in this Site constitute our judgment as of publication and do not constitute general or specific investment legal, tax or accounting advice of any kind. This site contains statements that constitute forward-looking statements. Risks, uncertainties and other factors could cause actual developments and results to differ materially from expectations. J. Safra Sarasin is under no obligation to update or alter forward looking statements whether as a result of new information, future events, or otherwise
Information and opinions presented in this Site have been obtained or derived from sources believed to be reliable, but J. Safra Sarasin makes no representation as to their accuracy or completeness. J. Safra Sarasin maintains the right to delete or modify information on this Site without prior notice.
Risk Considerations
Past performance should not be taken as an indication or guarantee of future performance, and no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made regarding future performance. Investing entails risks, including possible loss of principal. The price of, value of and income from securities or financial instruments can fall as well as rise. Certain investments are subject to high volatility, and may experience sudden and large falls in their value. Losses may equal or exceed your original investment. Foreign currency-denominated securities and financial instruments are subject to fluctuations in exchange rates that may have a positive or adverse effect on the value, price or income of such securities or financial instruments. Some investments may not be readily realizable and it may be difficult to sell or realize those investments. Similarly, it may prove difficult for you to obtain reliable information about the value, or risks, to which such an investment is exposed. There are also special risk considerations associated with international and global investing (especially emerging markets), small-company investing, single-industry funds or investment strategies, single-country or regional funds or investment strategies, or other special, aggressive or concentrated investment strategies, such as the use of leverage or derivatives. Investors in securities effectively assume these risks.
No Warranty and no Liability
The information on this site is provided on an "as is", "as available" basis. J. Safra Sarasin makes no warranty with respect to the information and that access to the site will be uninterrupted or error-free, that defects will be corrected, or that viruses or other harmful components will not be transmitted in connection with your use of the site.
J. Safra Sarasin hereby expressly disclaims, to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and/or regulation, all warranties, express, statutory or implied, regarding the site and any results to be obtained from the use of the site and its contents, including but not limited to all warranties of merchantability, non-infringement, fitness for a particular purpose or use, and all warranties arising from course of performance, course of dealing and/or usage of trade or their equivalents under the applicable laws and/or regulations of any jurisdiction.
J. Safra Sarasin does not warranty or guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, suitability, completeness or availability of this site or the information or results obtained from use of it.
To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and/or regulation, J. Safra Sarasin excludes any liability whatsoever to anyone for any damages arising in tort, contract, strict liability or otherwise from access to or use of or inability to access or use this site or from any action taken or not taken as a result, regardless of whether they are direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages of any character, including damages for trading losses or lost profits, or for any claim or demand by any third party, even if J. Safra Sarasin knew or had reason to know of the possibility of such damages, claim or demand.
Links to Other Websites / Content of Other Providers
Activating certain links on this Site may cause you to leave this Site. Such links, addresses or hyperlinks are provided solely for your convenience and information. J. Safra Sarasin has not reviewed any of the websites linked with or connected to this Site, or which provide links to this Site, and does not accept any liability, responsibility for and does not make any warranties or representations as to those websites and/or their contents, the offered products or services or any other offers. Using links from this Site to any website not owned by J. Safra Sarasin is at your own risk.
Data protection information for the use of the website
By accessing and continuing to access the websites of J. Safra Sarasin you accept this Data Protection Information for the Use of the Website (“Data Protection Information”)  and confirm that you are 18 years of age or older.
This Data Protection Information applies to all personal data we obtain through your use of J. Safra Sarasin’s websites. Personal data is any information that relates to an identified or identifiable natural person or in certain cases a legal entity. Personal data are for example information on name, gender, address, email-address, telephone number, etc.  
Depending on your individual situation additional provisions (e.g. General Terms of Contract and conditions of use for various services) may apply to certain kinds of data processing.
This Data Protection Information may be updated from time to time. The latest version in force and effect will always be published on J. Safra Sarasin’s websites.
Information collected when using the website of J. Safra Sarasin
When you visit our websites the web server automatically records certain details of your visit (e.g. your IP address, the website which you are visiting us from and J. Safra Sarasin’s website you are visiting, including the date and duration of your visit). Such “Tracking data” is used to optimize the offering on J. Safra Sarasin’s websites and provide information on how you find out about our products and services and how you use them. However, it does usually not allow for you to be identified.
J. Safra Sarasin may also receive personal data which are transmitted to us by you via the websites of J. Safra Sarasin; e.g. if you complete a registration form or comment field for a newsletter, etc.
Handling of personal data
As part of our obligation to process your personal data in relation to J. Safra Sarasin’s websites in a transparent manner, we want to in inform you generically on:
  • why and how J. Safra Sarasin collects, uses and stores your personal data on its websites;
  • the lawful basis on which your personal data is processed;
  • to whom your personal data may possibly be disclosed; and
  • what your rights and our obligations are in relation to such processing.
Why and how does J. Safra Sarasin collect, use and store your personal data
J. Safra Sarasin collects, uses and stores personal data for the following purposes:
  • Executing, processing and managing of products or services and contracts;
  • Statistics, planning and product development, business decisions (e.g. establishing of key figures for the use of services; developing of ideas for new or assessment of existing products, services and procedures);
  • Monitoring and managing risks (e.g. combating of fraud);
  • Marketing, market research, demand-oriented support optimization, improvement of the services (e.g. advertisements, events for clients and interested parties, cultural events, sponsorship and determination of future client needs or behavior, information of clients and interested parties on future products and services);
  • Technical management and development of J. Safra Sarasin’s website (incl. client and user administration);
  • Legal or regulatory obligations and compliance with official orders (e.g. in connection with money laundering and terrorist financing);
  • Protecting the lawful interests and rights of J. Safra Sarasin such as in the case of claims against J. Safra Sarasin;
  • For purposes otherwise specified.
What is the lawful basis on which your personal data is processed
Personal data collected on the websites of J. Safra Sarasin will only be used and processed respectively, if a legitimate legal basis for such use is given. Processing is considered legal and appropriate, if it is carried out, in particular
a) to perform contractual obligations;
b) in line with the need to balance interests and for the purposes of safeguarding legitimate interests respectively;
c) on the basis of your consent;
d) due to statutory requirements or in the public interest.
J. Safra Sarasin processes your personal data in accordance with the applicable laws on data protection and for as long as required.
To whom may your personal data possibly be disclosed
Within J. Safra Sarasin those recipients are given access to personal data which require them in order to perform J. Safra Sarasin’s contractual and statutory or official obligations or for the purposes described above.
Personal data may also be transferred to other recipients outside J. Safra Sarasin (“Third Parties”) in Switzerland or abroad; but only if certain conditions are met and only if those Third Parties are obliged to respect privacy. When transferring personal data internationally we make sure that we comply with applicable laws and regulations.
J. Safra Sarasin may also need to disclose your personal data to public authorities and institutions (e.g. the supervisory authorities in the fields of financial market and  tax law, financial and tax authorities, criminal prosecution authorities, courts) insofar as a statutory or official obligation exists.
Disclosure may furthermore also be made to other companies within the J. Safra Sarasin Group for risk control purposes due to statutory or official obligation or for the purpose of outsourcing data processing activities within the J. Safra Sarasin Group.
What are your rights and our obligations in relation to such processing
You can ask J. Safra Sarasin whether personal data about you is being processed. You have a right to ask for rectification of inaccurate personal data we collect and process. Furthermore you have the right to request restriction of the use of your personal data.
If J. Safra Sarasin processes your personal data on the basis of your consent, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Please note that such a withdrawal of your consent shall not affect the lawfulness of processing based on consent before such withdrawal. Furthermore, please note that J. Safra Sarasin may still be allowed to continue processing your personal data if other legitimate reasons exist.
You have a right to ask J. Safra Sarasin to stop processing your personal data, or to request deletion of your personal data.
Note: these rights are not absolute (e.g. sometimes there may be overriding interests or legitimate reasons that require the processing to continue). But J. Safra Sarasin will consider your request and respond to you with the outcome.
You may have the right to make a complaint to the responsible data protection authority.
In certain circumstances J. Safra Sarasin may process your personal data through automated decision-making, including profiling. Under certain conditions, you can request to discuss a decision taken by such automated decision-making.
Should you have a request regarding the processing of your personal data please send an email to the following address:
Please note that the scope and extend of the rights described in this section depend on the data protection laws which are applicable in your case.
Transmission of data via an open network
Please note that if you visit the websites of J. Safra Sarasin, your data will be transmitted via an open network (i.e. the internet). The same will be the case when you use an open network to send your data, such as the internet or an e-mail-service-provider. In this context, J. Safra Sarasin would like to draw your attention to the fact that under such circumstances, your data is not protected from public access, as open networks are beyond J. Safra Sarasin’s control. Likewise, information transmitted over the Internet (such as online forms, emails, etc.) and content received online may be transmitted via third-party networks. If you use J. Safra Sarasin’s website or provide J. Safra Sarasin with your data via an open network (including third-party networks), J. Safra Sarasin would like to point out to you that this may allow third parties (e.g. network providers or the manufacturer of your device) to access your data wherever they are located and process it without your consent. Hence, open networks cannot be regarded as a secure environment. Therefore, J. Safra Sarasin cannot guarantee the confidentiality of communications or documents transmitted over such an open network. In addition, any transmission of data via such open network cannot be guaranteed to be secure or error-free as data may e.g. be intercepted, amended, corrupted, lost, destroyed, arrive late or incomplete, contain viruses or may be monitored. In particular, data sent via an open network may leave the country – even where both sender and recipient are in the same country – and may be transmitted to and potentially processed in third-party countries, where data protection may not reach the same level as in your country of residence.
Please note that not all websites of J. Safra Sarasin are made available by means of encrypted communication. In addition, while all online forms provided are largely protected against unauthorized access and loss of data integrity by the use of standard SSL encryption, where data is transmitted via an open network, J. Safra Sarasin cannot be held responsible for the protection of this data and it does accept no responsibility or liability for the security of your data during transmission. We, therefore, recommend avoiding the transmission of any confidential information via open networks.
For certain services (e.g. in case of e-services and e-banking), your data is transmitted with strong encryption.
Information on the use of cookies
What is a Cookie?
Cookies are small files which are stored on your electronic device to keep track of your visit to the websites of J. Safra Sarasin and your preferred settings when navigating and, as the case may be, to save the settings between your  visits. Thus, J. Safra Sarasin can gather statistical information about the frequency of visits of certain areas of the website, and tailor the websites to be more useful and user-friendly.
Use of Cookies
Some Cookies used by J. Safra Sarasin mainly serve to operate parts of the websites and will be set automatically. The complete functionality of the websites cannot be granted without cookies. J. Safra Sarasin's websites also use so-called performance- and tracking-cookies for statistical purposes, as a means to continuously improve our websites and to provide you with the best possible user experience based on your needs. Only own cookies ("first-party cookies") and no cookies from third parties (“third-party cookies”) are used. This means that all cookies and data are exclusively managed internally by J. Safra Sarasin and are not transferred to third parties.
Please note that most internet browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can decide against the use of Cookies at any time by deleting the Cookies, which were set by the websites. Furthermore, you can configure your browser to not save any Cookies or to only accept Cookies from specific websites on your electronic device or to always display a warning before receiving a new Cookie. Deactivating Cookies can, however, prevent you from using certain functions on our websites. On some electronic devices, Cookies are only persistent during a specific user session and will be deleted after the session is terminated.
Note: by using the websites of J. Safra Sarasin, you agree to the use of Cookies for the described purposes.
Analytic tools
J. Safra Sarasin uses analytic tools for the purpose of reporting in connection with the websites. This involves the creation of anonymized data and the use of Cookies to help analyze how users avail themselves of J. Safra Sarasin’s websites. The information about your use of the websites generated by these cookies, such as the
  • host name of the accessing electronic device (so-called IP address);
  • type/version of browser used;
  • operating system used;
  • referrer URL (website from which you are redirected to J. Safra Sarasin’s websites  by clicking on a link);
  • date and time of server request;
  • device-specific information
are used exclusively for internal analysis purposes by J. Safra Sarasin and are not transferred to third parties.