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Bank Offering Rate (“BOR”)

The Bank Offering Rate (“BOR”) is a proprietary rate administered by Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd. (or any other member of the J. Safra Sarasin group of companies which takes over the administration of that rate) (“Administrator”) and made available on each bank working day in Zurich at 14:30 Zurich time on Thomson Reuters, SIX or on such other service or page as determined by the Administrator from time to time, for the following currencies and reference periods:
Name Rate Date
CHF BOR Curve 1W CH1191085310 -0.27252 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 1W CH1191085443 -0.57172 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 1W CH1191085682 1.24158 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 1W CH1191085567 1.60967 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 1M CH1191085336 -0.24641 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 1M CH1191085450 -0.5532 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 1M CH1191085690 1.22512 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 1M CH1191085575 1.65125 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 2M CH1191085344 -0.21372 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 2M CH1191085468 -0.58728 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 2M CH1191085708 1.44379 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 2M CH1191085583 1.94313 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 3M CH1191085351 -0.15347 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 3M CH1191085476 -0.21936 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 3M CH1191085716 1.64289 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 3M CH0583743650 2.23372 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 4M CH1191085369 -0.03525 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 4M CH1191085484 -0.07147 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 4M CH1191085724 1.84642 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 4M CH1191085591 2.44464 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 5M CH1191085377 0.0418 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 5M CH1191085492 0.07876 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 5M CH1191085732 2.04867 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 5M CH1191085609 2.65397 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 6M CH0583743908 0.14012 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 6M CH0583743833 0.22179 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 6M CH0583743932 2.25977 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 6M CH1191085617 2.86398 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 7M CH1191085385 0.26512 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 7M CH1191085500 0.34458 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 7M CH1191085740 2.38388 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 7M CH1191085625 2.98278 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 8M CH1191085393 0.37553 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 8M CH1191085518 0.46317 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 8M CH1191085757 2.50793 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 8M CH1191085633 3.09637 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 9M CH1191085401 0.47685 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 9M CH1191085526 0.58301 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 9M CH1191085765 2.64396 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 9M CH1191085641 3.21873 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 10M CH1191085419 0.58941 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 10M CH1191085534 0.70728 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 10M CH1191085773 2.77178 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 10M CH1191085658 3.33507 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 11M CH1191085427 0.69299 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 11M CH1191085542 0.82489 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 11M CH1191085781 2.89585 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 11M CH1191085666 3.45011 27.06.2022
CHF BOR Curve 1Y CH1191085435 0.83042 27.06.2022
EUR BOR Curve 1Y CH1191085559 0.94646 27.06.2022
GBP BOR Curve 1Y CH1191085799 3.02546 27.06.2022
USD BOR Curve 1Y CH1191085674 3.57554 27.06.2022
(The above rates are updated on a daily basis after 14:30 Zurich time on every bank working day in Zurich)
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Our Bank Offering Rate (“BOR”) is a proprietary rate determined and administered by Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd. (or another member of the J. Safra Sarasin group of companies (“JSS Group”) which takes over the administration of that rate) (“Administrator”) and is used exclusively to determine interest rates applicable to credit granted or promised to be granted by Bank J. Safra Sarasin Ltd. (“Bank”) or other members of the JSS Group in the course of their business to their respective clients. BOR is published solely for informative purposes and shall not be used for any commercial purposes without prior written consent of the Bank. The Bank reserves the right – at any time and without notice – to discontinue publication of BOR or to make data related to BOR available in another form or through other means of communication (be it temporarily or permanently).
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