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Willkommen bei der J. Safra Sarasin Gruppe – ein Unternehmen mit Kontinuität, Solidität und langfristigem Mehrwert

Die internationale, der Nachhaltigkeit verpflichtete Bankengruppe ist an mehr als 25 Standorten in Europa, Asien, dem Mittleren Osten und Lateinamerika vertreten. Die Gruppe steht weltweit für ihre Private Banking-Tradition, hohe Sicherheit und ihr gut geführtes, konservatives Wachstum im besten Sinne ihrer Kunden.
Die J. Safra Sarasin Gruppe ist Teil der sich in Familienbesitz befindenden J. Safra Gruppe, die auf eine langjährige erfolgreiche Geschichte im Private Banking zurückblicken darf. Alle Unternehmen der J. Safra Gruppe verfügen über eine solide finanzielle Grundlage. Die Zugehörigkeit zur Familie Safra, bietet den Unternehmen der Gruppe und ihren Kunden Stabilität und eine langfristige Perspektive.

With great sadness we announce the passing of Mr. Joseph Y. Safra

It is with great sadness that we announce the death, on this date, of Mr. Joseph Y. Safra, at the age of 82, of natural causes.
Mr. Safra was born in 1938 in Lebanon and immigrated to Brazil in the 60's continuing his father's business and building the solid foundations of the J. Safra Group.
In 1969, he married Vicky Sarfaty, with whom he had 4 children and 14 grandchildren. A very affectionate husband and father, he was always caring for everyone. He loved to play with his grandchildren, always telling stories of his ancestors, transmitting moral values, tradition and culture.
He was a loving and insightful man, who dedicated his life to family, friends, business and social causes. He was a great banker, a true entrepreneur who built the J. Safra Group around the world, being successful for his dignity and business vision. He was a great leader and very respected inside and outside the organization.
Mr. Safra has lived an exemplary and reserved life, without ostentation and far from the public exposure.
Throughout his life he was an arts lover and a great philanthropist, always committed to maintaining the tradition of devotion to worthy causes, one of his distinctive marks. He has helped many people and supported countless social, religious and cultural causes, such as the construction and renovation of hospitals, day care centres, museums and religious temples of all faiths. He had a great responsibility to society. He led with courage, wisdom and determination. He cultivated deep roots of altruism, commitment and excellence.
Mr. Safra leaves a legacy to be followed by many generations. To family and friends, he leaves his teachings and will be deeply missed.